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October 29, 2010


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Emmanuel Agbor

Good analysis Stev, I realy did not know her, but fell for her because of her profesion, and the courage to face an aparent wall. This article gives me an idea of who she is as a politician

Thomas Mih

Steve I like this piece. Yes THE TIME IS NOW, but is it time for Kah Walla? She needs to convince Cameroonians that she is the one they have been waiting for all these years; else she would not be different from the others who applied for this very important job before.

One of the things she needs to do is to sue for defamation of character if she truly believes the D'la SDF claim that she embezzled party funds is false. The courts are there for her. She needs to clear these clouds around her, else why would Cameroonians be looking for another embezzler when there's already a better one in office.

The other thing is the issue of the manifesto you mentioned. It doesn't really matter if she's new in the game. What matters is her policies and how she plans to implement them. We are tired of hearing politicians saying they'll do this or that if voted but we would like to hear more of how they actually plan to do these things they promise and how they think with the present economic situation of our country these their plans are workable. Easy to say in a campaign "I'll employ all the youth and Uni. grads, tar all the roads, open universities in every city...", but how feasible is this within a given time frame?

Keep writing Steve.


This is total rubbish! With an indomitable demon in office whom we all know is bent to die in power.This so called Kah Walla's relentles efforts to get rich at the expense of her country should by no means constitute any valuable news atall!We all know that changing cameroon can never possible through the ballot box,why spend time talking about a Kah Walla or what ever ? Her likes are out to make Biya more ligitimate for very selfish reasons. Any one running for presidential elections in Cameroon under this current system is dishonest,is a hypocrite,is a liar and must be doubted!

Independent Observer

WOW, Catchman! Don't know if you are a Cameroonian or a Biya-sympathiser! But your comments constitute in very large part, why individuals like Biya continue to govern African nations! You appear, in your comments here, to belong to that part of the African populace unconvinced of it's own strength, and hence have relinquished sway to totalitarian regimes! I understand frustration, and even forgive desperation, BUT antipathy? Regardless of whether Kah Walla is successful in her presidential bid, she should be applauded, if for no other reason, than for her willingness to play the David against the Golliath of the Cameroonian corrupt political machine!

Fuh Ngwa

" THE TIME IS NOW" yes to remind Kah Walla that she is not running for the post of a senior prefect girls in a secondary school but for the post of president of Cameroon.'THE TIME IS NOW'to remind her that there is no short cut to the top of a palm tree."THE TIME IS NOW"to tell her that for her to be president of Cameroon is like giving a three year old boy with a loaded gun. He might kill himself with it. I will only support her if she does not take up a Ministerial post after Biya must have won the elections come 2011. No one can deliver the goods if her heart is heavier than the load.

Women and Girls

When was the last time, our fundamental right, the right to vote, meant nothing but a mere fiction?
When was the last time, Cameroonians, women and men, young and old came together and decided to be part of the SOLUTION and not part of the PROBLEM?
The time is NOW! Fellow Cameroonians to choose between HOPE and FEAR. Don't stay on the sidelines! Move to the center and ACT!
Kah walla, the daughter of Na Nyonga challenges us to demonstrate our love for our
I have decided to demonstrate my citizenship and register at least 2,000 Cameroonians. What about you?

Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko.

Kah Wallah is one of us. She is trying her luck just as Foncha and Fru Ndi did before her. But she does not have the finesse and following to give her any money. We shall never give Biafras money anymore. We gave Fru Ndi $6 million in Benin Republic and the bastard banked that money in Savannah Bank of Nigeria. Can you imagine that?

Kah Wallah has a lot of rotten records that, when the moment arrives, Cameroun Tribune shall spill everything.

Chop Fire

Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko, can you kindly direct me to a credible link showing that Fru Ndi collected such an amount of money. It seems as if you know Kah Walla very well and probably have some misgivings with her



Change is coming to Cameroon in 2011 and Ms. Kah Walla, leading presidential candidate seems to be the leader of the movement that will make it happen.

Cameroon has been too slow to react to current changes in the world. It is bogged down by an aging leadership which is a vestige of the colonial days. Many other African nations are progressing at a fast clip. What is common in these countries is the turnover in leadership. Many African countries have had three or more different heads of state since independence. Those with the greatest number of leaders post independence also seem to have more robust democracies, and dynamic economies. Look at Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, regional powerhouses that came of age when ancient leaders of Biya's generation and ilk were thrown out by the people. Look at the Liberian President,she dared and succeeded and now her country is doing so wonderfully well.

How long has piya been president???????????????????.28yrs people.

Cameroon is ripe for a leader different from Biya, and the field is set for democratic change to occur. Kah Walla will make that happen in Cameroon in 2011. we need our very beautiful country back.And if it has to take her"A WOMAN"why not rally behind her with our support and prayers.

There is no perfect human being,which means this is not the time to batch and critisize or bring allegations from years ago against her,but a time to look forward.Yes,a time for change.

I applaud this woman for daring to stand and fight for her country .A country that has been so shaken with death ,corruption,poverty and the like from the hands of SELFISH LEADERSHIP.I am a very proud supporter of a woman like that.28years is too long and annoying.Lets give a woman a chance.




It will be a big mistake of any imagination to mention Kah Walla,as a dreamt president.
The truth is ,a drawning man will hold even a snake.that is why she is been mentioned.
The first thing is people don't even know her atall,thus her deeds are still covered,because it is clear she is not fit and she is not even prepared.
The money Scandal is just the peak of the iceberg.
The circumstances under which she resigned from SDF are not favorable atall,by the way when she was in SDF,she was not a heavy weight not even a force to reckon with,because she could only make some noise in Douala.
Now let me tell you the truth she is playing a game cherished by CPDM.
That will weaken further the already weak SDF.
Dear youth these political parties have failed us,,
We the youths will have to go back to the drawing boards and send paul Biya parking ,,we don't need an Election to do that.

,,,,,,Let me hold my breath before i tell you what you will know later,,PEACEMAKER


It's time for the youths to come together as one and outs Biya and his regime. The elections have failed us for the past 28 years and we should not hope that things will be different this time.


Well if Kah Walla has confidence in herself and knows she can please the Cameroonians by satisfying all their needs in terms of Granting employment and alleviating poverty as well as putting an end to all aspects of corruption as we see in The Biya`s regime ,then We just need her to give us good Reasons,that is we need to perols her Manifesto.
A concerned citizen made mention of the fact that Kah Walla has lots of Hidden Rotten Experiences,i will advise him/her to bring them forward,let him/her state the bad stuffs she has done in the past rather than saying words in isolation,you know this is very bad to talk about someones` behavior without having any supporting factor in fact this is classic case of Character Assassination.Its true that Silence draws concern but we no nothing about her past records so for now we consider her past records Good and perfect as a candidate so if any one is protesting against that let he or she bring out good reasons why he or she thinks she should not run for the election ,If Helen Johnson of Liberia could Make it successfully why not Kah Wallah?.
In my Opening I thing she has come with Good Faith ,and if we have been given The other Male Leaders like Fru Ndi,Ben Muna E.t.c the opportunity to Stand for Election and getting no Positive outcome or result,why not Try kah Wallah.
Finally, i will like to say ,following the present circumstances ,i Think the SDF had to Blackmail Kah Wallah after they found out that She was about leaving the Party ,either to form her own party or to Join another party.Since they could not bare the loss of such an icon in their party ,and since they knew if she forms a party ,it will be another problem for Them so the thought of a way to Eliminate her out of the political scene and their motive was mismanagement of Finances.


Kah Walla should be encouraged for undertaking such an action. Being a woman she took upon herself to stand as presidential candidate and political leader. It shows women are more conscious they can play a major role in politics in our country and all they need to do is give themselves a try.


@Slot machine, from your analysis, Kah Wall will therefore need to take opportunity of the vulnerable condition of the desperate unemployed youth in her campaign. Let’s hope if they support him they will benefit from the fruits of their support. On the other hand we congratulate her for the initiative taken to stand as presidential candidate, it shows the involvement of more women at the highest level of our political scene and maturity of politics in our country.


kah walla has proven to be a good politician by opting to stand for the good of cameroonains. as a woman she has to work hard to cnvince cameroonain of what will become of the country if she succeed.This is because cameroonain are not really useto female politician especially for the presidential post.


It is relatively new in the political scene and almost unknown in large populations of Cameroon.


Kah Walla constitutes the future of Cameroon’s politics like many other young political leaders who ran for elections. They should work hard to take up the lead in the years to come.

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